Domestic Pet Travel Requirements

Interstate Travel within the United States

Each state has its own requirements for pet entry. Most states require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection ("health certificate") and current rabies vaccination.

For more information, consult the USDA APHIS pet travel site and your veterinarian.

Entering Oregon

  • A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), also known as a health certificate, issued no more than 30 days before entry.
  • Vaccination status must be current for rabies. For animals four months and older, current rabies vaccination required according to manufacturer´s instructions (1 or 3 year vaccine). No formal quarantine period is required in most instances.

Entering California

  • California does not require CVIs for dogs or cats.

Entering Washington

  • Dogs, cats, or ferrets entering Washington state require a CVI. The certificate of veterinary inspection for dogs, cats, or ferrets must identify each animal and certify that each animal at the time of entry is current on rabies vaccination according to the manufacturer's label, and does not originate from an area under quarantine for rabies. Dogs six months of age or older must be tested negative for heartworm or are currently on a heartworm preventative.
  • Exemptions to import health requirements: Dogs, cats, or ferrets less than ninety days of age do not require a rabies vaccination. Dogs, cats, or ferrets that are family pets and have current rabies vaccination certificates and are traveling with their owners with no sale, trade, or other change of ownership intended are exempt from a certificate of veterinary inspection.
  • Exemptions to import test requirements: Dogs that have been owned by the same owner for more than one month prior to entering the state, and are not going to be sold or have a change of ownership, and are traveling with their owner are exempt from the heartworm test requirement.

Entering Alaska

Entering Hawaii

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Sources: Oregon Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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