July 6, 2010

Merrick Pet Care Recalls Beef Filet Squares (10 oz Bag) Due to Salmonella Risk

Merrick Pet Care, Inc. of Amarillo, Texas is recalling 86 cases of its 10oz “Beef Filet Squares for Dogs” pet treats (ITEM # 60016 LOT # 10084TL7 BEST BY MARCH 24, 2012) because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

July 5, 2010

United Pet Group Expands Recall of Pet Nutrition Supplements Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

United Pet Group, Cincinnati, Ohio is voluntarily expanding its recent recall of its Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamin Supplement tablets for Dogs to include additional pet nutritional supplement products for dogs and cats due to possible Salmonella contamination.

June 23, 2010

Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamins for Dogs Recalled Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

United Pet Group, Cincinnati, Ohio is voluntarily recalling all unexpired lots of its Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamin Supplement tablets for dogs due to possible Salmonella contamination. The product comes in 100-count white plastic bottles with a light blue label, and UPC code 26851-01800. The affected products are those with expiration dates on or before "06/13."

June 18, 2010

Kent Feeds Swine Feed Products Recalled Due to Insufficient Vitamin D Levels

Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. (KNG) is voluntarily recalling some Kent Feeds swine feed products due to insufficient vitamin D levels in premixes it purchased from Tri Ag Supply, Inc. that were used in those swine feed products. The recall is being implemented in order to prevent health problems in swine consuming feed products where there is a vitamin D3 deficiency.

June 18, 2010

Natural Balance Recalls Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Food Due to Salmonella Risk

Natural Balance is recalling its 5 lb. and 28 lb. Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog food, manufactured on December 17, 2009 with a “Best By” date of June 17, 2011. A random sampling of this product tested positive for Salmonella by the FDA.

June 9, 2010

Pfizer Recalls Metronidazole, Ciprofloxacin and Ondansetron IV Products Due to Sterility Issues

Pfizer Inc is voluntarily recalling Metronidazole, Ciprofloxacin and Ondansetron IV Products due to the presence of floating matter and non-sterility discovered by the manufacturer Claris Laboratories.

June 9, 2010

Proctor & Gamble Recalls Iams ProActive Health Canned Cat and Kitten Food

The Procter & Gamble Company is recalling specific lots of its Iams canned cat food in North America as a precautionary measure. Diagnostic testing indicated that the product may contain insufficient levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1), which is essential for cats.

May 5, 2010

FDA Announces Availability of Vetsulin for Critical Needs Dogs and Cats

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a plan to address concerns regarding the supply of Intervet/Schering Plough Animal Health’s (Intervet) Vetsulin (porcine insulin zinc suspension), a product used to treat diabetes in dogs and cats. FDA is allowing Intervet to offer a limited supply of Vetsulin through their Vetsulin Critical-Need Program. The supply is only to be used for a critical-need dog or cat that, in the medical judgment of the pet’s veterinarian, cannot be effectively managed on another insulin product.

January 15, 2010

FDA: Merrick Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats Are Salmonella Risk, Discontinue Use

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to use Merrick Beef Filet Squares for dogs distributed by Merrick Pet Care with a package date of “Best By 111911” because the product may be contaminated with Salmonella. The affected Merrick Beef Filet Squares were packaged in a 10-ounce green, red and tan re-sealable plastic bag. The “best by” date is imprinted on the top portion of the bag, which is torn off when the bag is opened. The FDA recommends that consumers who are unable to determine the “best by” date discontinue use of the product.

January 12, 2010

FDA & Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health Issue Warning About Vetsulin®

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health are alerting veterinarians and pet owners that Vetsulin®, a porcine insulin zinc suspension used to treat diabetes in animals, may have varying amounts of crystalline zinc insulin in the formulation. Note: This is a health warning and not a recall. If your pet is on Vetsulin, you should continue to administer it. Consult your veterinarian with any questions about your pet's treatment.