Make a Wish Contest Winners Announced

In honor of Oregon's 150th birthday, the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association held a Make a Wish contest at this summer's Oregon State Fair.

Fairgoers were able to make a wish on behalf of their pet or someone else's.

The touching and heartfelt entries ranged from, "I wish my dog would live forever" and "I wish that people cared for their pets/animals as they would like to be treated" to many other requests for specific treatments and procedures for animals in need.

The OVMA's State Fair committee selected several wishes to be granted from the numerous wishes submitted. Local veterinarians have generously volunteered their time and services to fulfill these wishes.

Wish #1

"I wish I could afford surgery for my Chihuahua's luxating patellas." Submitted by Becky Fredlund, Salem.

Dr. Julie RowleyCompanion Pet Clinic, North Salem, wanted to grant Becky's wish for her dog, Bubbles. Unfortunately, after consultation, it was determined that surgery may not be the best option for Bubbles. Dr. Rowley referred Ms. Fredlund to a specialist to assess Bubbles's condition further.

Wish #2

"I wish that I could get my Boxer a full health exam and get her microchipped, along with treats that benefit her and that are healthy because she is special to us all." Submitted by Amanda Fazzio, Salem.

Dr. Julie DeMarco, Whole Pet Veterinary Care, Salem, has granted Amanda's wish for her dog, Maria.

Wish #3

"I wish my dog, Cosmo, could afford to be neutered." Submitted by Jody, Salem.

Dr. Julie DeMarco, Whole Pet Veterinary Care, Salem, has granted Jody's wish for Cosmo the Chihuahua.

Wish #4

"I wish my cat could afford a shave. He has a hard time keeping himself clean." Submitted by Jessica Lyon, Turner.

Jessica stated that her cat, Dude, was doing much better, and asked if she could pass on her wish to her sister, Heather, to have her two cats, Marilyn and Marly, receive health exams and core vaccinations instead.

Dr. Melissa Turnbull, West Salem Animal Clinic, Salem, has granted Jessica's wish for her sister's cats.

Wish #5

"I wish that my friend's Yorkie would be able to have full dental care. Her owners cannot afford it." Submitted by Brian and Kathleen Bazurto, Hillsboro.

Dr. Preston Ross & Judy Tate CVT, Fremont Veterinary Clinic, Portland, have granted Brian and Kathleen's wish for their friends Matt and Rita Wentzel and their Yorkie, Trixie, to have a dental cleaning. This treatment will allow Trixie to return home to live with her family. She has been living with a neighbor as her tender mouth was making it difficult for her to live with small children.

Wish #6

"I wish that I had Advantage for my cat, Angel." Submitted by Eddie Plourde, Salem.

Dr. Nancy Titus, Woodburn Veterinary Clinic, Woodburn, has granted Eddie's wish to have a health exam and flea treatment for Angel.