Oregon State Fair Coloring Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Portia Trabue, winner of our Oregon State Fair coloring contest!

Grand Prize

Portia will receive the $25 grand prize and a $50 credit towards care at her veterinarian's clinic for her cats, Pepper & Speckle. The cats' veterinarian is Dr. Elise Desonier at Companion Pet Clinic, NE 82nd, Portland.


Pepper, photo courtesy Selby Stebbins      Speckle, photo courtesy Selby Stebbins

Honorable Mentions


Alexis, age 10 & Emma, age 5


Grace, age 10 & Christiane Löhr DVM


Brookie, age 14 & Aubrey, age 11

Updated: 2017-09-13 07:00:00

Author: Oregon Veterinary Medical Association