OVMA Awards of Excellence Given to Worthy Recipients

The OVMA has honored the following for their service to the veterinary profession:

2010 Meritorious Service Award

Dr. Susan Loomis, Deschutes Veterinary Hospital, Bend

The OVMA's highest honor is the Meritorious Service Award, which is presented to a veterinarian who has generously contributed time and energy for the advancement of the organization and the profession as well as her or his community.

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2010 Veterinary Service Award

Larry Chusid, The Pongo Fund

The Veterinary Service Award recognizes an individual, group or organization that has promoted the veterinary profession and/or the well-being of animals.

The Pongo Fund was started two years ago by Larry Chusid, who named the nonprofit in memory of his dog, Pongo. What began as an effort to feed two hungry dogs underneath the Morrison Bridge has blossomed into Oregon's largest single charitable effort dedicated to providing quality dog and cat food for the family pets of anyone in honest need. Since its inception in 2007, The Pongo Fund volunteers have donated several hundred thousand life-saving meals to animals living in Portland's homeless, transitional and underprivileged communities.

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2010 Animal Welfare Award

Dr. Doug Evans, Bend Veterinary Clinic, Bend

The Animal Welfare Award recognizes a veterinarian who has demonstrated outstanding compassion and/or developed programs that have been for the welfare of animals. Dr. Evans received this award for his work in starting Grassroots of Central Oregon, a hay bank for horse owners in need of assistance.

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2010 Technician/Staff of the Year Award

Kimberly McKay, West Valley Veterinary Hospital, Sheridan

This award recognizes a veterinary technician and/or veterinary staff in clinical practice who has risen above and beyond the expected responsibilities of the practice to provide outstanding client and patient service, with community service also considered. Ms. McKay, a veterinary technician, is this year's honoree.

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2010 President's Award

The President's Award is given at the discretion of the outgoing OVMA president. Dr. Rob Shimek presented the 2010 award to Lara Smith, the lobbyist for the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association.

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