State Fair Contest Winner: Congratulations Sharon Harvey and Thing 1 & Thing 2!

During the recent Oregon State Fair, we held the Pesky Parasites contest in conjuction with our focus on the topic of parasite prevention in pets, equine and livestock. Not only can parasites make animals sick, but can also make people sick through contact with sick animals or their waste.

Visitors to our booth who answered 5 questions about parasites correctly were entered into a drawing to win $50 towards a fecal exam for their pet with their veterinarian.

Thing One and Thing Two

Ms. Sharon Harvey of Salem is our winner!

She will use her prize for her cats, Thing One and Thing Two, who see Dr. Rachel Frank at Willamette Valley Animal Hospital in Keizer.

Congrats Sharon, and Thing One and Thing Two!

What’s the #2 Way to Prevent Parasites?


The Fecal Check!

  • Any pet or animal at any age can be infected with parasites, which is why a yearly fecal exam is important for every pet. It  can be done at your pet’s annual health exam.
  • Your veterinarian can advise you as to whether whether preventive medication is appropriate.
  • Livestock herds should undergo routine fecal testing. Your veterinarian can help you prepare a parasite control strategy for your herd.

Infection Prevention

  • Keep your pet away from other pets’ waste. Dispose of your pet’s waste quickly.
  • Wash your hands after playing with your pet or handling its waste.
  • Do not let children play in areas soiled with pet waste or eat dirt or sand. Keep sandboxes covered.

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