Oregon Animal Hall of Fame™: Search & Rescue Dog Raido is Newest Inductee

Each year, the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association and the Oregon Animal Health Foundation honor animals who, through unselfish and courageous accomplishments, exemplify the affection, loyalty, security, public service, and value of the human-animal bond.

The Oregon Animal Hall of Fame™ is the second longest running awards program among veterinary organizations in the country. Since the program was started in 1988, the OVMA and the OAHF have recognized dogs, cats, an animal welfare group, a horse therapy group, horses, and one llama! Animals are inducted into the Oregon Animal Hall of Fame™ during the Oregon Veterinary Conference in Corvallis. See below for a list of past inductees.




This award recognizes animals specifically trained for service or assistance.

Dr. Davis with Raido's photo and medal



Owned by Tami Schultz

Nominated by Dr. Dannell Davis, Astoria Animal Hospital, Astoria

About six years ago, Raido was surrendered to a local animal shelter on the north Oregon coast because he supposedly defended himself after being attacked by the other two unneutered dogs in the family’s home. Raido is a Presa Canario. The Presa – or Canary Dog – is impressively thick and muscular and with a broad, square and powerful head. Because of their size they have been associated with dog fighting, and their temperament can range from calm and gentle to strong willed and suspicious. Once Raido had been surrendered, and due to his breed’s history, he had few options for adoption. Euthanasia was considered.

But this was before Tami Schultz stepped forward and agreed to foster him through an arrangement with Clatsop County Animal Control. From the start, Tami began rehabilitating this giant of a dog and training him for a working career. Within a few months, she adopted Raido and provided him with a loving and permanent home.


For the past five years, Tami has worked diligently with Raido – day in and day out – to achieve the prestigious status of Clatsop County’s only K-9 Search and Rescue team.

Tami and Raido volunteer their efforts as part of the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team, and together spend long hours honing their skills. Raido’s training includes on leash tracking and off leash scent finding. It is where this impressive dog can best use his keen sense of smell, combined with his physical strength and endurance, to help locate people who become lost in and around the county’s vast coastal and wild areas.


Tami and Raido assisted in efforts to locate Kyron Horman, the young boy who disappeared from his school in the Portland metro area several years ago and who has not been found. While unsuccessful in the Horman case, Raido played an important role in discovering a diabetic woman who was unconscious after a fall on coastal cliffs. And Raido continues with his professional work in Clatsop County. Despite his appearance and the breed’s reputation, Raido, along with Tami, provides a great service for the county.

Past Inductees


Recognizes animals who have saved or preserved a life.

  • 1988 Big Red (dog), Sam (cat)
  • 1989 Hadji (dog), Morgan (dog)
  • 1991 Max (dog)
  • 1992 Missy (dog)
  • 1993 Gunner (dog)
  • 1997 Helga & Tad (dogs)
  • 2000 Sheba (dog)
  • 2002 Ceasar (dog)
  • 2003 Pillsbury (dog)
  • 2004 Sunny (dog)
  • 2005 Chassa (dog)
  • 2009 Zar (dog)
  • 2011 Brodie (dog)
  • 2012 Jakob (dog)
  • 2013 Hunter (dog)


Recognizes animals who have provided a benefit to their human companions or their community.

  • 1994 Solo (cat)
  • 1999 Project Pooch
  • 2002 Howard (dog)
  • 2003 Jesse (dog)
  • 2005 “Ginger” (dog)
  • 2006 Cassidy (cat)
  • 2007 Daniel (dog)
  • 2008 Gracie (dog)
  • 2009 Ace (dog)
  • 2010 Rusty (dog)
  • 2011 Bosa (dog)
  • 2012 Dottie (dog)
  • 2013 Lily (dog)


Recognizes animals specifically trained for service or assistance.

  • 1990 Sparkle (dog)
  • 1994 Ranger (dog)
  • 1998 Horses for the Physically Challenged
  • 2001 Cajun (dog)
  • 2002 Kate (dog)
  • 2003 Camas (llama)
  • 2004 Rikki (horse)
  • 2005 Gleason (dog)
  • 2006 Snert & Jake (dogs)
  • 2007 Annie (dog)
  • 2008 Butterscotch (horse)
  • 2011 Doc (dog)
  • 2012 Nelson (dog)
  • 2013 Ryerson (dog)
  • 2014 Raido (dog)