Oregon Veterinary Conference

March 3 - 5, 2017

CH2M Hill Alumni Center & LaSells Stewart Center
Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon

In conjunction with the International Camelid Health Conference

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Speakers & Topics

Companion Animal

  • Dr. Jean Battig: Staging and Treatment of Periodontal Disease | The Staff’s Role in Dental Communication to Clients  | The Disease We Love to Hate: Tooth Resorption | To Save or Pull: Preserving Function | Intraoral Radiograph Interpretation | Malocclusion!!? Now What?
  • Dr. Cassandra Bliss: Incorporating Ocular Wellness into Your Small Animal Practice | Ocular Pharmacy for the Small Animal and Equine Practitioner | Scratching the Surface: Canine Corneal Ulcers  | Diagnosis and Management of the Glaucoma Patient
  • Dr. Dennis Chew: Urinalysis Revisited | Chronic Kidney Disease: Diagnosis & Initial Management  | Chronic Kidney Disease: Further Management  | Bacterial Urinary Tract Infections | Diagnosis & Management of Hypercalcemia in Dogs and Cats | Management of Cats with Urethral Obstruction  | Idiopathic & Interstitial Cystitis: Diagnosis & Management  | FIC: Further Management ~ Sponsored by IDEXX
  • Dr. Richard Ford: New Vaccines and Vaccinations: Updates and Insights (Dogs & Cats) | New Vaccine-Adverse Reaction and Injury | New Antibody Titers v. Vaccination | Hyperlipidemic States in the Dog and Cat |  Zoonoses: How Real the Threat? | Chronic Cough in the Dog | FIP – More Complex than We Thought  | Infectious Disease Update ~ Sponsored by Merial
  • Dr. Valerie Parker: The Role of Protein Restriction in CKD | Protein-Losing Nephropathy – Medical and Nutritional Management | Obesity Management  | Nutritional Management of Chronic Enteropathies  | Unconventional Diets | The Use (and Misuse) of Liver Diets ~ Sponsored by Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets 
  • OSU Faculty: Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping  – Katy Townsend, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal Surgery) | Serum Concentrations of Symmetric Dimethylarginine and Creatinine in Cats with Kidney Stones  – Jean Hall, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine) | Nanophyetus Salmincola, Vector of the Salmon Poisoning Disease Agent Neorickettsia Helminthoeca, Harbors a Second Species of Pathogenic Neorickettsia – Michael Kent, PhD (Microbiology) | Update on Oncology Clinical Trials at OSU – Katie Curran, DVM, MS (Oncology) | Comparison of Culture Methods for Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection and Association with Clinical Outcome - Emily Swan (Class of 2017). Peggy J. Dearing and Kathy L. O’Reilly | Staphylococcus Infections: How to Deal with Infections When There Is Increasing Antibiotic Resistance – Luiz E. Bermudez, MD (Microbiology)


  • Dr. Dennis Brooks: Eye Examination Techniques in the Horse | Corneal Ulcers and Abrasions | New Group of Four Types of Immune-Mediated Keratitis | Uveitis in the Horse
  • Dr. Lynn Caldwell: Caps, Canine and Wolf Teeth | EOTHR and Fascial Space Infections
  • Dr. Patrick McCue: Dystocia and Other Peri-Parturient Issues | Twins and Other Early Pregnancy Issues  | Retained Placenta and Other Post-Partum Issues | Stallion Issues

Food Animal

  • Dr. Chris Chase: The Good, the Bad and Ugly of the Immune Response  | Calf Vaccination Protocols: Fact vs. Fiction  | Immune Response and Microbiome: What Is It and Why Is It Important to Understand?
  • Dr. Charles Estill: FAMACHA Scoring
  • Dr. Brad LeaMaster: Animal Health Division Update
  • Dr. Jen Schleining: Tips for Improving Surgical Success in the Field | Bovine Lameness  | Common Surgical Procedures in Cattle | Anesthesia & Pain Management in Cattle | Clinical Case Studies in Cattle

Animal Welfare

  • Due to low anticipated attendance, this session has been cancelled.

Technicians & Assistants

  • Dr. Jean Battig: Dental Lab ($105, limit of 20): Mastering the Dental Prophy ~ Sponsored by iM3 | Basic Dental Charting | Hand Instrumentation and Sharpening | The Technician’s Role in the Dental Procedure
  • Megan Brashear CVT, VTS: Trauma & Shock | Kidney Disease| Canine Heatstroke| Addison’s Crisis| Understanding Electrolytes & Fluid Therapy
  • Maeve East, CVT: Wound Triage & Assessment | Wound Management: Long-Term Solutions | Infection Control
  • Traci Medeiros CVT, CPM: The Staff’s Role in Dental Communication to Clients
  • Dr. Kelly Moffat: Behavior in Everyday Practice | Frazzled, Fearful and Stressed Out: The Patients or the Staff? (Or Both?) | Hiding, Scratching, Growling and Biting: How to Quickly Work with Patients Who Dislike Us!  | Fearful Fido’s and Felines: Understanding and Treating Fears, Phobias and Anxieties in our Patients
  • Renae White CVT, VTS (Dentistry): The Staff’s Role in Dental Communication to Clients
  • Ken Yagi LVT, VTS: Emergency Medicine & Critical Care | Hematology | Ventilation Therapy

Practice Management & Team Development

  • Dr. Karen Felsted: Driving Profitability | Effective Hiring and Retention | Giving Clients What They Really Want ~ Sponsored by Simmons Northwest & Simmons Educational Fund
  • Eric Garcia: Optimizing Your Digital Presence | Developing the BEST Facebook Marketing Strategy | New Tools & Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation in 2017 | 25 Electronic Tools/Apps That Will Rock Your
    Veterinary Practice

APHIS Accreditation

  • USDA Staff: Training Modules ~ Sponsored by USDA APHIS


Please print the proceedings for the sessions you plan to attend and bring them with you to the conference; load them to your laptop, smartphone or tablet; or access them through the conference app. To access the proceedings (available 2 weeks before the meeting), you will need the login information from your confirmation postcard, online registration receipt, or reminder e-mail. Already logged into our site as an OVMA member? Logout first, then login with the 2017 OVC credentials.

CE Form

You will receive your CE Form onsite as part of your check-in packet.

2017 Sponsors

                        Dignified Pet Services
                         Dental Lab
          Exhibitor Bingo Prize


           FA/MA  Practitioners' Breakfast

                        Dr. Richard Ford

                   Dr. Karen Felsted

                      Dr. Valerie Parker                   USDA Accreditation

                      Dr. Dennis Chew


Exhibit Hall

CH2M Hill Alumni Center Ballroom

Visit the Exhibit Hall to check out the allied industry display of equipment, products, and services. Play exhibitor bingo for a chance to win an iPad! (iPad provided by Dignified Pet Services.)

Awards Luncheon

Arnold Bistro

Join us for Saturday's awards luncheon (11:30 am - 1:15 pm), where the OVMA Awards of Excellence will be presented and new inductees into the Oregon Animal Hall of Fame™ will be honored.

Silent Auction to Benefit Animal Health Foundation of Oregon

CH2M Hill Alumni Center Ballroom

Bid on great prizes in the silent auction to benefit the Animal Health Foundation of Oregon (formerly the Oregon Animal Health Foundation). Donations of silent auction items gratefully accepted. Want to contribute something to the auction but not sure what to donate? We have gift basket and donation ideas! Contact us for more information or to let us know you will be bringing an item for the auction. The silent auction will close on Saturday at 3:30 pm.

OSU CVM Alumni Reception

Friday, 5:30 pm - deLaubenfels Atrium, Magruder Hall (lobby), OSU CVM

Come join faculty and staff for appetizers and drinks. Find out what’s new in the college, and take a student-led tour of the hospital. Please RSVP on the registration form.

Food & Mixed Animal Practitioners’ Breakfast

Saturday, 7:00 am - Arnold Dining Hall

RSVP on the registration form. Sponsored by Zoetis.

SCAVMA Reception

Saturday, 5:00 pm - Giustina Art Gallery, LaSells Stewart Center

The OSU SCAVMA will be holding its annual gathering on Saturday evening to encourage interaction between veterinary students and veterinarians. All veterinarians are invited to linger a bit after the day's sessions to network with the OSU veterinary students. Students will offer appetizers and drinks in exchange for conversation on careers and the profession. Please stop by the Giustina Art Gallery of LaSells Stewart Center immediately after the day's sessions. Please RSVP on the registration form.

OVMA Business Forum

Sunday 7:30 am - CH2M Hill Alumni Center Ballroom

This is your opportunity to learn more about the status of your association, legislative activities, and how the OVMA is involved with the current issues facing the veterinary profession.

Oregon Animal Hall of Fame™ & OVMA Awards of Excellence

Inductee, Service/Professional

The Oregon Animal Hall of Fame™ awards (sponsored by the Animal Health Foundation of Oregon) and the OVMA Awards of Excellence will be presented at a luncheon ceremony held Saturday, March 4, 2017 during the Oregon Veterinary Conference.

OVMA members may nominate a worthy colleague or animal for any of these awards. The forms below are fillable. Save the file to your computer, fill it out and e-mail it back to us with any additional documentation and/or photos as required, or print the form out and return it to us by mail or fax.

Nominations are due by January 31, 2017

Veterinary Student Interviews

We provide the opportunity for veterinarians to interview senior students for prospective employment. If you are a veterinarian who is interested in participating in this opportunity, please return the form below to the OVMA office.

Childcare Providers

For a list of childcare providers in the Corvallis area, please contact the Corvallis Tourism Board at (800) 334-8188.

About the OVC

The Oregon Veterinary Conference is a cooperative effort of the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association and the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University with the goal of providing meaningful continuing education to Northwest veterinarians, practice managers, and paraprofessionals.