Change in Brucellosis Vaccination Protocol for Mature Cattle

The procedures for brucellosis vaccination of mature cattle (over 12 months old) have been changed as follows:

  1. Use only one eartag instead of two. Apply the orange brucellosis tag not the bright silver metal tag.
  2. Use 1 ml of reconstituted RB51 to vaccinate versus 1/4 ml.
  3. A blood test for brucellosis is still required for all mature vaccinates.
  4. Mature vaccination of over age cattle may be allowed for Oregon producers who purchase non-vaccinated cattle from another state for breeding or dairy purposes in their own herds. Veterinarians wanting to vaccinate their Oregon client’s cattle on arrival at the ranch or before leaving market centers must contact the State Veterinarian for authorization to vaccinate out-of-state cattle.

Even though the reduced dose of 1 cc has been shown to be safe in pregnant cattle and not cause abortion, there is never a 100% guarantee. We recommend that veterinarians discuss the remote possibility of “vaccination abortion” with owners before vaccinating a pregnant animal. That way, if the producer is still concerned they can delay vaccination until animals are open. If you elect to delay vaccination for your client, please submit a blood sample for brucellosis testing immediately and notify the State Veterinarian (Dr. Don Hansen, 503-986-4680) of the delayed vaccination schedule.

Published: November 10, 2010;    Updated:

Filed Under: Regulatory

Author: Oregon Veterinary Medical Association