Client Education Brochures

The OVMA sells the following high-quality printed brochures for $30 per 100 (includes S/H). Payment methods: check, Visa or MasterCard, or invoice (members only).

To order, e-mail us or use our client education materials order form PDF.

Dealing With the Loss of Your Pet

Undoubtedly one of the most challenging and emotionally difficult parts of being a veterinarian is helping your clients when their animals die or are euthanized. This brochure is a helpful tool in assisting your clients not only with the decision to euthanize, but with the grief process following a pet's death. It details the stages of grief, offers creative suggestions for working through the process, discusses when to get another pet, and how to help children and surviving pets with the grieving process.

Please specify English or Spanish when ordering.


This brochure covers the flea life cycle, signs of infestation, treatments for the pet and the pet's environment, and warnings about the appropriate use of flea medications.

Spay & Neuter

Due to decreased demand, we no longer sell the Spay/Neuter brochure, but you are welcome to download and print out our Spay/Neuter poster to distribute to your clients.


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