Student Mentorship Program

Welcome to the OVMA Student Mentorship Program information page. Here you will find important information about the program.

Veterinary Practices & Students: Program Overview and Form

  • Program Overview PDF
    An overview of the mentorship program and expectations both for practices who are interested in participating as well as for students.
  • OSU CVM Student Procedures List PDF
    Information on what types of procedures OSU CVM students are required to have experience with before graduation, as well as other procedures that they would like to obtain experience with.
  • Program Participation Form for Veterinary Practices PDF
    Veterinary practices who want to participate in the mentorship program, please return this fillable PDF form to the OVMA office. Email preferred.

Students: Liability Coverage Needed

If you are a student who wants to participate in the program, you must have liability insurance coverage.


The AVMA PLIT sponsors liability insurance at no cost for SAVMA members while they are in veterinary school. This coverage protects students during their clinical experiences (externships, preceptorships, part-time or volunteer work, even during their first year). Students must apply online to get the coverage.

Other Professional Liability Insurance Providers

If the student is not a SAVMA member, the practice wants to participate in the mentorship program and their professional liability coverage is with another insurance provider (not AVMA PLIT), they can contact their carrier about adding a rider to their policy.

It is imperative that both the practice and student have professional liability protection.

Students: How to Apply

Once you have identified and selected the practice you would like to contact, draft a letter of introduction to the veterinarian. If you are applying for more than one practice, you should compose a personal letter for each practice. Generally, the letter should be no longer than one page and should inform the practice of who you are, your year in veterinary school, the skills you will bring to the practice, what you hope to achieve by participating in the program, and any special interest that you may have.

In addition to the letter of introduction, include a resume that is no longer than two pages. This should detail your work history, with a focus on veterinary-related work and research. Also include at least one personal reference.

Send the packet to the clinic's supervising veterinarian or practice manager (as indicated on their form) and wait to hear from the practice. Practices will review the information and contact students at their discretion. Some practices may request an intervview, while some will make their decision based on the letter of introduction and resume.

Participating Practices

Check back for more practices. Added as information is received.

Portland Metro

Animal Dermatology Clinic
Summer Internship

Milner Veterinary Hospital
One Week Internship

Willamette Valley

West Salem Animal Clinic
Summer Mentorship or One Week Internship

Southern Oregon

Bliss Animal Eye Care
Summer Mentorship

Eastern Oregon

Sage Country Veterinary Service
Summer Mentorship or One Week Internship


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Author: Oregon Veterinary Medical Association